Husband Vashikaran Mantra That Work

Husband Vashikaran Mantra That Work 100%



Steps to follow to do this Ritual :

  • Start This Ritual On Wednesday
  • Take a fresh fish and insert in your vagina make sure its small enough
  • on next day take it out let it dry for 2 days or you can use for husband vashikaran on the same day else if there is smell then use its dry powder
  • by this process your husband will totally become your slave
  • if you need any assistance then fill below comment box

Caution: Sometime fish can go deeper inside your vagina make sure its small enough 

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Depart Two Lovers By Videshan Mantra

Depart Two Lovers By Videshan Mantra

Depart Two Lovers By Videshan Mantra




Frequently Asked Questions About Videshan Mantra

When to Start This Videshan Mantra Process?

    • Start This Videshan Mantra Process on Wednesday In The Evening Time Around 12:00 – 6:00 PM

Best Time For This Videshan Mantra Process?

    • Start This Videshan Mantra Process In The Evening Time Around 12:00 – 6:00 PM

Can I Do this Videshan Mantra Process in My Menstrual Period Time ?

    • No, Avoid Using This Videshan Mantra Process In Those Days

What kinds of Things Are Required To Do This Videshan Process

    • First of all collect his Belongings It May Be a Shirt , his/her toothbrush, Hairs, or Anything Can Work Here, Put His/Her Shirt Or Any Belonging Near Riverside, Den Or In Forest And Put Seven Cloves 7 Cardamom And Come Back Without Looking Back . On Next Day Start Chanting this mantra 108 times or As Much As Possible Do This For 21 Days Continually.


  • If By Mistake You Had These stuff then Dont worry but Never Use These Kind of Thing During This Process .


Vashikaran By Photo – Husband Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran By Photo – Husband Vashikaran Mantra


People always search about photo vashiikaran mantra and photo love spell photo vashikaran mantra in hindi, powerful photo vashikaran mantra, strong vashikaran mantra by photo, vashikaran mantra on photo, vashikaran mantra through photo, photo vashikaran mantra in hindi, how to do vashikaran by photo at home, how to do vashikaran;but the question is, how to use photo into vashikaran pooja

1. If you hang photograph of marriage in the east wall of bed room so it generate positive energy and also increase ;romance, love and care for each other into heart of couple.



2. If you keep your photo into ;the purse of your husband or wife and your picture you keep into your partner purse or wallet, ;so it generate love and romance into heart and always you both will miss each other and gives respect to your relationship.



3. (om namah kamakchi devi female name, ;nari mei vashmanaye swaha ) if you recite the same mantra with the looking continuously 1000 times in a night ;to the photo of your desired lady ;so it generate love, care and attraction for you in her heart and ;you can make your love life or married life beautiful.


4. If your husband is always busy into work or he is behaving rude so write the below diagram from onion paste over his roti and give him into the dinner daily and always take your dinner in his plate and when you take the food say 7 times,

Om Namo Kamadevaye Mum Pateem Mei Vashmanaye Swaha.


Do it daily always at night, that remedy maintains the ;love, attraction and influenced into the mind of your husband.and why it necessary, the answer is simple, when you invoke for any god, you keep photo of your deity and do worship and make him happy by mantra japa, hawan and pooja, sweet and garland, flowers etc. The same procedure here you follow with some different technique because here you are invoking for a human not for any god. Also to concentrate the mind and to balance it , we should have the photograph of desired man or women to do vashikaran or love spell.





There is no special technique which made for vashikaran by photo even in all kind of vashikaran pooja and into love spell, photo is most important thing to cast a love spell over desired man or women to to get any vashikaran pooja done over them. Without the photo of victim you cannot do any pooja or spell over him. This is the truth but the question is, if we have just a photograph of someone so can we make anyone influenced by vashikaran or love spell? ;if yes so many celebrities photo available online and on magazine and into newspaper daily you can see published photographs of them. Answer is no, only photo is not only important to do love spell or to do vashikaran, you should had any relationship in past with the desired man or women and victim should have some memories about you into mind. In single side love, love spell to make stranger influenced by love spell, not possible by any spell or magic or vashikaran pooja.


If you had relationship with any man or women and she broken relationship from any reason and you have the birth detail, photograph of desired man or women and you are innocent and you really loves so much ;and you have no hidden revenge feeling behind the desire so you can hire any genuine vashikaran specialist or authentic love spell caster to do the vashikaran over him or her by photo and birth detail but if you are asking about any photo vashikaran mantra so you should know there is no special instruction for any photo vashikaran mantra. and to do vashikaran or love spell, you should have perfection and experience into that, beginners should not do practice over vashikaran mantra or love spell because some extreme powerful love spell and most powerful vashikaran mantra has side effects is mistakes you made so you can get cursed by it. Just to save some money only do not take risk for your life and family, just contact any vashikaran specialist, astrologer to get it solved by experienced person and with safety