How to Break A marriage In 7 Days By Vashikaran Mantra

How to Break A marriage In 7 Days By Vashikaran Mantra 


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How to Break A marriage In 7 Days By Vashikaran Mantra


Many Times people come to me for removing any third lady from their lives , sometime people come to stop someones marriage because they din’t like them or having some ill will. last night a lady visit my place and asked for my help she said that her Fiance leaving her after 6 years of Affair and she don’t want to leave him, situation is so worst that she could not stop herself to crying …i just offer her a cold glass of water and looked into her details and found that he is the same soul mate that is almost meant for her and he don’t realized this , so i started my meditation and looked whats going on on the other side and found he is also not will to marry that third girl  but by his family pressure he is doing so ….


Then Its not a sin to Break This Marriage because both are not happy and after this breakup may be things gets better …

How could you Break A Marriage By Mantras :

There are several Mantra By Which You can break A marriage if you have any of his/her Belongings like shirt , shoes or anything that belongs to your love then Come to me for 2 days and i will assure you your love will never leave you after this process and he will marry you and no one else …

Before Coming Collect These thing 

For Breaking Marriage we will Do some Anusthana (Some Secret Rituals By which your love denies for this marriage return back to you ..)

Click on the below link and download List of Things you have to Collect

How to Break A marriage In 7 Days By Vashikaran Mantra


After Collection Come to us for 2 days Diksha and we will explain you how you can break your lovers marriage and bring him/her back in your life in just 7 days , Breaking someone marriage is not an easy task you have to do some hard work to make it happen in your life.


Option 2 To Break Marriage 

There are some mantras that you can try to Stop Him/her and they work In just 11 days , this maha bagulamukhi mantra that is Raam Baan Mantra for any problem may help you in this  just chant this mantra 31 times daily for 21 days and no matter what this will cure your every problem

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Why do we wear marks TILAK on the forehead?

Why do we wear marks  TILAK on the forehead?

Vashikaran Tilak mantra

Vashikaran Tilak mantra


The tilak or pottu invokes a feeling of sanctity in the wearer and others. It is recognized as a religious mark. Its form and colour vary according to one’s caste, religious sect or the form of the Lord worshipped.

In earlier times, the four castes (based on varna or colour) – Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra – applied marks differently. The brahmin applied a white chandan mark signifying purity, as his profession was of a priestly or academic nature. The kshatriya applied a red kumkum mark signifying valour as he belonged to warrior races. The vaishya wore a yellow kesar or turmeric mark signifying prosperity as he was a businessman or trader devoted to creation of wealth. The sudra applied a black bhasma, kasturi or charcoal mark signifying service as he supported the work of the other three divisions.



Also Vishnu worshippers apply a chandan tilak of the shape of “U,” Shiva worshippers a tripundra of bhasma, Devi worshippers a red dot of kumkum and so on).

The tilak cover the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking. It is known as the Aajna Chakra in the language of Yoga. The tilak is applied with the prayer – “May I remember the Lord. May this pious feeling pervade all my activities. May I be righteous in my deeds.” Even when we temporarily forget this prayerful attitude the mark on another reminds us of our resolve. The tilak is thus a blessing of the Lord and a protection against wrong tendencies and forces.

The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves – the forehead and the subtle spot between the eyebrows especially so. That is why worry generates heat and causes a headache. The tilak and pottu cools the forehead, protects us and prevents energy loss. Sometimes the entire forehead is covered with chandan or bhasma. Using plastic reusable “stick bindis” is not very beneficial, even though it serves the purpose of decoration.



Mantras can excite the emotions and give suggestions to the mind. Mantras affect both the one who chants them as the one who hears them. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit “mantrana”, which means advice or suggestion. In a sense, every word is a mantra. In our daily life we use words to get everything done, obtain everything we need. Each mantra or word is a sound pattern that suggests to the mind the meanings inherent in it, and the mind immediately responds.

According to Ramana Maharshi, repetition of mantras (japa), with attention directed to the source of the sound, completely engages the mind. This is Tapas (penance). The source is not in the vocal chords alone, but also the idea of the sound is in the mind, whose source is self. Thus the practice of mantra repetition is more than a suggestion, a bit of advice or an idea. It is a means of getting in touch with our self.

Mantras may be used for religious worship, for japa (repetition), for healing, to help spiritual evolution, for purification, for making offerings and in Mantra Yoga. Some mantras are only chants or expressions of nearness to the Divine. But some saints who were inspired by divine love and unshakable faith used these mantras in their own spiritual practice and their followers afterwards started using those mantras, calling them mahamantras or great mantras.Primarily it is faith which creates the effect of mantras. Melody, intonation, pronunciation, whether silently or aloud, all are important in the recitation of mantras. Moreover, the beat cycle in which mantras are recited is important, but it changes according to the state of consciousness of the one who is chanting. An increase in the speed of chanting increases the speed of mind, heartbeat and respiration. The beat cycle of the mantras affects the emotions.

A fast speed sometimes creates a continuous vibration and when it is done in groups it creates a good effect, because the mind works in synchronization with the beat cycle and has no time to fantasize. Fast chanting of mantras exhausts the mind, heart and breath and relaxation comes after the chanting is over.

Slowing the beat cycle of mantras also creates the same continuous vibration, but it slows down the speed of mind, heart and breath while the chanting is going on. It induces a hypnagogic state, but it is good only when the chanting of mantras is done individually. A medium-speed beat cycle is good for group and individual chanting of mantras. It does not disturb the heartbeat or breathing pattern and makes the mind more awake, alert and conscious.

The place from which the sound emanates influences its’ tonal quality. Deep tones are produced by the vocal chords in conjunction with the abdominal region, middletones in conjunction with the chest, heart and throat regions and high-pitched tones in conjunction with the upper region of the body. Indian classical music uses all three regions in a gradual order, but the middle region is used most and produces a greater emotional impact on the listeners.

Following are some of the main mantras used in Mantra Yoga. Their pages open in a new window so that you can let the mantras play in a loop while you continue visiting our website :