Husband Vashikaran By Photo – Strong Photo Vashikaran Mantra

Husband Vashikaran By Photo – Strong Photo Vashikaran Mantra



People always search about photo vashikaran mantra and photo love spell photo vashikaran mantra in hindi, powerful photo vashikaran mantra, strong vashikaran mantra by photo, vashikaran mantra on photo, vashikaran mantra through photo, photo vashikaran mantra in hindi, how to do vashikaran by photo at home, how to do vashikaran;but the question is, how to use photo into vashikaran pooja,

Today i am giving  you A fast working Photo Mantra that can attract your love No matter where he Lives….


  1. On full moon night at 11 pm after bath find a place where no one can disturb you .. it may a calm room with dim lights ..
  2. Make asan and sit on it use red color as much as possible
  3. Now make sure you are alone and no one will disturb you for next 2 hours


  1. Place your Husband /Lover / Girlfriend Picture in front of you and keep staring till your unable to hold anymore and close your eyes
  2. And Listen This tone and feel anything good like he is in the same room and approaching you , what things are on your to do list with him/her
  3. make sure its real no matter what feel like he is with you (if he is not there then also it will bring him back )

When this tone stops say that mantra one time that is in the video and say whatever your wish is like ohh God Please Have mercy on me  , i am a poor child of your please give me my husband back in my life say that mantra and expel your mouth air on his photo and go to sleep … In 7 days you can See What Magic is …he will become mad in your love ..eager to  chat he will do anything to just find a glimpse of your 🙂


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A Spell to Dream of Your Soulmate

A Spell to Dream of Your Soulmate


If you are ready to find out who your soulmate is, perform this spell and he or she will appear to you in a dream . This Spell Should be Performed Right Before you go to bed. 

You will Need

  • 3 Almonds 
  • 3 Rasins 
  • A square of red cloth Big Enough to hold the almonds and rasins 
  • A Red Candle 
  • Milk (or Almond Milk)
  • Honey


Now, Cast your Circle and light the Candle . Gaze into the flame until you start feeling peaceful and meditative .focus not on the person , but on the feelings you will feel once you are with them .


Will You feel safe and secure? will you be brimming with excitement? will you be joyful and full of laughter? Perhaps all of the above . Hold this feeling in your heart and chant


“Spirits of union of love, 

            Bring Me A Vision this night,

Allow me to see , within my dream,

            My Soulmate, when the time is right,

                                         So mote it be.”


Now place the almonds and raisin in the red cloth and fold the cloth over them. Blow Out the candle and close the circle.

Drink the Milk with teaspoon of honey (the milk can be warmed if you wish). Right before you sleep, place the red cloth with the almonds and raisin under your pillow, the the intention of dreaming of your soulmate.



He or she will Appear in your dreams.

Note: If you find difficult to remember your Dreams, you might want to practice dream recall for a week or more before performing this spell. In order to do this , keep journal beside your bed . As soon As you wake up, Lie still and recall all your dreams. Write them down as soon as you remember them all . With Practise, you will be able to remember more and more 


Sweet Dreams!


Magic of the Ancients

Person holding an ancient grimoire

Magic of the Ancients: Five Incredible Texts of Spells, Curses, and Incantations

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As long as humanity has had beliefs in a higher power, the use of magic, spells, curses, and incantations have featured widely across cultures. A number of influential texts or ‘grimoires’ (textbooks of magic) were developed over the centuries, many of which became the books of choice for secret societies and occult organizations that endured well into the twentieth century.  Here we feature five manuscripts that provide a fascinating window into the magic of the ancients.

The Book of Abramelin the Mage, Esoteric Grimoire of Kabbalistic Knowledge

The Book of Abramelin the Mage, Esoteric Grimoire of Kabbalistic Knowledge

The Book of Abramelin the Mage  was written as an epistolary novel or autobiography of a person known as Abraham of Worms. Abraham was a German Jew believed to have lived between the 14th and 15 th centuries. The Book of Abramelin the Mage  involves the passing of Abraham’s magical and Kabbalistic knowledge to his son, Lamech, and relates the story of how he first acquired such knowledge.

Abraham begins his narration with the death of his father, who gave him ‘signs and instructions concerning the way in which it is necessary to acquire the Holy Qabalah’ shortly before his death. Desiring to acquire this wisdom, Abraham said he travelled to Mayence (Mainz) to study under a Rabbi, called Moses. Abraham studied under Moses for four years before travelling for the next six years of his life, eventually reaching Egypt.

It was in Egypt that Abraham met Abramelin the Mage, an Egyptian mage who was living in the desert outside an Egyptian town called Arachi or Araki. Abramelin is said to have then taught Abraham his Kabbalistic magic and gave him two manuscripts to copy from. Pne of the highlights of this grimoire is an elaborate ritual known as the ‘Abramelin Operation’, which is said to enable a mage to gain the ‘knowledge and conversation’ of his/her ‘guardian angel’ and to blind demons. The manuscript was later used in occult organizations such as Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley’s mystical system of Thelema.

The Ars Notoria – An Ancient Magical Book to Perfect Memory and Master Academia

The Ars Notoria - An Ancient Magical Book to Perfect Memory and Master Academia

As part of a larger collection known as the Lesser Keys of Solomon, the Ars Notoria is a book that is said to allow followers a mastery of academia, giving them greater eloquence, a perfect memory, and wisdom. The Ars Notoria is one of five books within a grimoire called the Lesser Keys of Solomon, an anonymous text that was compiled from other works in the 17th century, and focuses on demonology.

The Ars Notoria is the oldest portion of the Lesser of the Keys grimoire, dating back to the 13th century. However, the texts contained within are a collection of orations, prayers, and magical words which date back to well before the 1200s. The prayers are in several languages, including Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. It was not a book of spells or potions, but a book of prayers and orations that are said to strengthen and focus one’s mental powers, by beseeching god for intellectual gifts. Among these intellectual gifts is the concept of a “perfect memory.”

Those who practice liberal arts, such as arithmetic, geometry, and philosophy, are promised a mastery of their subject if they devote themselves to the Ars Notoria. Within, it describes a daily process of visualization, contemplation, and orations, intended to enhance the practitioner’s focus and memory.

Devils, Demons, and Dangerous Creatures of the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

Devils, Demons, and Dangerous Creatures of the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, also known as the False Hierarchy of Demons, is a great compendium from the 16th century dictating the names of sixty-nine demons.  The list initially appeared as an appendix to a book about demonology and witchcraft by Johann Weyer. The son of a civic service merchant, Johann Weyer was a Dutch doctor and occult practitioner born in the Netherlands in 1515.  Well versed in Latin from a young age, Weyer quickly became a student of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, a famous magician, theologian, and occultist in Antwerp.

It appears that Weyer’s fascination with magic began while working under Agippa, but later escalated after he became a doctor in his own right: he was summoned to a particular fortune teller’s court case and thereby asked by the judge for advice on the topic.  This court case started his interest in researching the witchcraft way of life, culminating with his decision to attempt to defend those who were accused of practicing.  Twenty-seven years after this case, when Weyer was sixty-two years old, he published Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

Weyer’s work claims that while demons and the monsters from hell could have illusionist power over people, the affected people were not witches on trial—the “mentally ill”, as Weyer stated—but rather the magicians who played tricks on common folk for an easy coin.  Weyer’s intention was to create a creed to vet out the accused who were, in fact, innocent. How helpful Weyer’s efforts for the accused witches were remains unseen, yet there is evidence that his pleas for their mercy went predominately ignored.